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Nose Aesthetic Surgery


Aesthetic nose surgery is an operation to remove, modify and beautify an image that causes dissatisfaction in a part of the nose that is seen from the outside. All deformations such as outward curvature, kurtosis, thickness, thinness can be corrected. The methods used for this purpose and the healing process are not the same for everyone, this process is aimed at giving a new form and it is not enough to make only the modelling definition. It is a prerequisite for each person to plan and perform plastic surgery according to his or her needs, if not to achieve the best and most natural result. In some noses, if the nose belt overload must be reduced in some situations, removal of the nose belt view may require removal of the nasal discharge. Some noses may be too long, some may be too short. As a result, to get a natural and beautiful looking nose that is compatible with other areas such as forehead, chin and cheekbones.

In addition, deviation and excesses in the nose that block the airway and can not be seen from the outside can be corrected during the same procedure to ensure better breathing.

What benefits do people with complaints of flesh and deviation (curvature) benefit from this operation?

Nose and deviation cause airway obstruction to breathing. These obstructive curvatures and redundancies can be corrected during aesthetic nose surgery. At this point it becomes possible to breathe easily after the operation.

Is it necessary to have an incision outside the nose for nose operation?

Aesthetic nose surgery can be done entirely through the nostrils. When done with this technique, it will be avoided from looking unwished incision scar which can be formed between two nostrils. This performed is called septoplasty.


Septoplasty is the most common procedure used to improve internal problems of the nose. The septum is the central wall between the nostrils, and is important for nasal support, shape, symmetry and airflow. Turbinate procedures may improve breathing if the turbinates are enlarged.

At the Estrella Aesthetic Centre, the procedural approach of the plastic surgeon is to avoid unnecessary risks. While every effort is made to achieve the desired result of the rhinoplasty candidates, the aesthetic surgeon is in favour of protecting the nose support. The plastic surgeon never chooses to be in the surgical interventions that would endanger the nasal base structure. Nearly all rhinoplasty surgical procedures are performed using the “open” method. The “open” method; means that all formatting operations are performed with full imaging, providing the highest possible accuracy.

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