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Neck Lift

Boyun Germe

Neck lifting surgery procedure consists of rejuvenation of sagging on the face and neck of the face by correcting wrinkles. In neck lifting operations, the aim is to hang the loose and loose skin tissues in their original places and to stretch the skin by throwing excess of dangling skin.

How do you do lifting surgery?

This procedure is begun with an incision starting from the front of the ear, curving straight from under the ear to the back of the ear and extending into the hair-line. Muscle tissue is tightened; excess skin is cut from the tightened skin. If necessary in the reshaped length, the jowl is also intervened from the same place.

How do you decide to have neck lifting surgery?

The aging neck is sagging and falling depending on the gravity. This situation increases between the ages of 45-60. During this period, you can talk with your doctor and learn the method, traces and complications.

How many years are you rejuvenated at the neck?

In this regard everything depends on your doctor and the method used varies from 5 to 12 years.

Do you have any complications of lifting surgery?

As with every operation, there are complications in this surgery. Burning, scarring, temporary loss of sensation can occur.
Operation chamber:

  • Anaesthetic shape: General or Local
  • Where is the surgery performed: at the hospital
  • Hospital stay process: 1 day / do not stay
  • Post-operative pain: The first day may be due to stretching. However, pain can be relieved with medications.
  • Swelling or bruising: may swell for 72 hours or have slight bruising, but none of these effects are permanent.
  • Time to return to work: Walking after 2 weeks and light sports after 4 weeks. The sun can come out after 4-6 weeks.
  • Result: all swellings go down within 5 weeks, but the last one will appear after 6 months. The negativities to be fixed are always correctable.

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