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Mini Face Lift

Why Mini Face Lift?

An active and healthy lifestyle is not always enough to prevent the signs of aging from appearing in your face. As you approach the 40’s and 50’s; the skin begins to sag lower eyelids, cheeks, jaw line and neck are beginning to be observed.

There are many alternative methods for reshaping and tightening the skin and soft tissue structure. One of the latest developments in facial aesthetic surgery is the ability to limit the scars associated with rejuvenation. These methods are known by various names such as “short scar face stretch”, “minimal incision facial stretch”, “S-lift” and “Macs-lift”.

Whatever its name, short scarred cosmetic surgery is a more affordable alternative to facelift which is faster, more effective and less costly; this method, which removes the added lines from the beginning according to years, saves much more time than the traditional face lifting operation.

Unprecedented looks will value you as much as you do. The Estrella Aesthetic’s short wound aesthetic method will show you how you can protect your youthful appearance and avoid the signs of aging.

Mini Face Lifting Candidates

The mini-facelift can resolve the most visible signs of aging and give particularly valuable results to candidates aged 40 and over. Mini face lift is suitable for candidates who are not showing too much skin around the neck and jaw line and signs of aging observed in middle-aged candidates.

Short-tailed face lift effectively rejuvenates young face lines in the following way:

  • Lift cheeks
  • Treat nasolabial folds and laugh lines
  • Fix under-eye sagging

Since incisions are made from the front of the ears and the length is reduced, there are fewer traumas than with a conventional facelift procedure with this operation. Another advantage of the short incision method is the shortening of the healing period. As less tissue is disturbed, the bruising and swelling that occur during healing usually decrease.

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