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Face Lift

Yüz germe cerrahisi

Depending on the aging of the subcutaneous tissues, the skin begins to deepen at certain points by the effect of gravity. For this reason, stretch-tissue lifting surgery may be demanded for face reconstruction. Facial texture is stretched and skin looks younger.

How is performed face lifting surgery?

The facelift surgery procedure is performed using a small incision technique in areas where aging and sagging occur. By the procedure, the drooping tissue attached to the gravity of the region is recovered. The surgery takes 3-4 hours, is spent in the hospital for 1 day and you will be comforted on the same day. The healing period is 5 to 7 days. It does not give a disturbing appearance, since it is performed in the area behind the bark of the head, which does not disturb the natural appearance along the hair line.

How to decide the incision line marks for surgery?

After the surgical procedure, the aged facial image evolves to a “C” appearance on both sides of the jaw, six (6) years younger. As the age progresses, the texture of the skin becomes droopy due to gravity and the face gets “C and S”. This disturbing appearance increases in the 45-60 age range. During this period, you can consult the plastic surgeon and learn the procedure, traces and possible complications to follow.

How many years do you get younger in surgery?

In this regard, everything depends on your doctor; the method used can provide rejuvenation between 5 and 12 years.

Is there any complication of the face lifting surgery?

As with every operation, there are complications in this surgery. Burning, scarring, temporary loss of sensation can occur.

Operation chamber:

  • Anaesthetic shape: General or Local
  • Where is the surgery performed: at the hospital
  • Hospital stay process: 1 day / do not stay

Post-operative pain: The first day may be due to tension. However, pain can be relieved with medications.
Swelling or bruising: may swell for 72 hours or have slight bruising, but none of these effects are permanent.
Time to return to work: Walking after 2 weeks and light sports after 4 weeks. The sun can come out after 4-6 weeks.
Result: all swellings go down within 5 weeks, but the last one will appear after 6 months. The negativities to be fixed are always correctable and negativities.

How should the surgical procedure be prepared?

First, face-lifting candidate will have a pre-procedural interview with a specialist surgeon to determine your outlook goals you want after facelift surgery. The Estrella Aesthetic Centre Patient Coordinator will guide the candidate through all the details of the planning process for his/her procedure, including financing, planning and paperwork.
Aspirin and some anti-inflammatory drugs may cause an increase in bleeding, so the use of such medications should be avoided for a certain period of time before surgery. If he/she is a cigarette smoker, who will be asked to quit or suspend the cigarette before the surgery.

Consumption of all food and beverages should be avoided for twelve hours immediately before surgery.

How is facelift surgery performed?

Our specialist surgeon uses advanced face stretching techniques to create a natural looking, refreshed look. The plastic surgeon begins the aesthetic application by opening incisions that do not disturb the natural appearance in the direction of the hair growth line and at the junctions of the head and the head.

Next step; slightly lower to remove the underlying tissues of the deep superstructure and supportive ligaments such as muscle. This is usually called SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) facial stretching. Instead of tightening the skin, as is commonly practiced in the past, use the SMAS technique to remove the hanging tissue and muscles and make the face a tense look.

The specialist plastic surgeon then reshapes the skin in such a way as to protect the young appearance, but only to preserve the natural appearance. This restructuring recovers the youthful cheek volume and helps to improve under-the-chin.

Generally, face lift procedure is performed by laser assisted external surface reconstruction method; eyelids, mouth and jaw areas. This combination is helpful in reducing the inconsistent fine lines at the point where the facelift surgery alone is inadequate and removing it entirely from the skin according to the skin structure of the candidate.
Per cent of excess fat intake-face fat intake-liposuction; is a joining process that is used to achieve a more successful result of a facelift aesthetic. The fat is taken from the lower layers of the facial tissue and the facial lifting surgeon achieves the intended perfection.

Can neck stretching be preferred with face lift surgery?

Since facial and neck tissues are compound tissues, it is rarely observed that the signs of aging starting from the person will not start on the field and start on the other field. It may also be referred to as a lower level of facelift on the basis of neck stretching and is usually performed simultaneously with facelift surgery. In addition to reshaping facial and muscles, neck lifting surgery; a process of stretching and tightening the neck structures of the neck and other neck tissues. In some cases, the plastic surgeon can perform an incision just below the jaw to remove excess fat or tighten the neck muscles.

Results of facelift

Facial stretching aims to provide a natural, attractive and younger look. With this surgical procedure, excellent results can be obtained and the scars usually do not hit the skin.

Depending on how you look before the surgery and the desired results that you will jointly identify with your surgeon, facelift results are achieved in a striking or hardly perceived perfection in a positive sense. As the recovery process will continue at certain stages, the “new look” needs to wait at least a few weeks for the perfect end result. Touch within a few months to complete the settlement and healing process.

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