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Eyelid Surgery – Blepharoplasty

It is intended to restore the normal appearance of the fat bags and loose skin tissue that are formed in the upper and lower eyelids by an application called eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty. The aim of the eyelid surgery that would lift the overly wrinkled and sagged skin textures around the eye from the centre to make a distinct difference in the appearance of the face, alleviate the tired and aged appearance, or even get rid of it. Eyes are refreshed, young emotions are gained and results are observed for many years. Factors such as harmful damage and irritation of harmful sun rays, harmful consumption habits accelerate fat accumulation and sagging. Not only those who are older than a certain age, but also those who can be described as young as age, also choose this method to relieve the swelling in the eyes caused by the excess fatty tissue from the birth.

Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery is usually performed at the same time as other procedures such as facelift or forehead stretching surgery and can be combined with laser or chemical skin reconstruction to correct the wrinkles on the skin. The appearance of the Upper Eye Cover may be covered by the reinsurance insurance policy, which is related to the circular (peripheral) image of the eyelid surgery.

If you plan to benefit from Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery, the following information will contribute more effectively to candidates so that the procedure can be understood. Consultants who have completed vocational training programs that include specialist facial surgery specialists or specialist training in the field of eyelid cosmetic surgery benefit from this consultation. At Estrella Aesthetic Centre, there is a team ready to answer all questions effectively and complete the surgical application successfull.

Traditional eyelid surgery;

  • Cutting operation is performed along the wrinkle line along the laughing wrinkle line.
  • Excess fat, skin and deformed muscle bundles are removed from the peripheral region.
  • Very fine surgical stitches are used to close the cut.
  • Permanent stitches (which do not spontaneously melt under the tissue) are removed within 3 to 5 days after the surgical treatment.

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