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Endoscopic Face Lift


This is one of the best known practices of plastic surgeons. Endoscopy has been used in plastic surgery since the middle of the 90’s, and in recent years the aesthetic surgery has almost revolutionized.

Who is eligible for this surgery?

Any patient whose cheeks, foreheads and eyebrows hang down due to aging can benefit from this surgery. In addition, this operation is performed in very young patients who are sometimes structurally sagging and very impressive results are obtained.

However, this operation cannot cure the droplets in the deep. In this case, it is necessary to remove the excess of dangling skin, which is possible with classical facelift surgery. Generally, there is excess skin on the face over 50 years of age and both surgeries need to be done together.

Complications and Problems to Exit:

There is little risk of serious bleeding after this surgery. Possible small blood storages (hematomas) will not cause any serious problems.

If mid-face surgery is performed for cheek lifting which infection is the most important complication that can be seen after this operation. Since almost half of the surgery is done from within the mouth, there is always the possibility of getting a germ from here. It is expected that this probability is less than 5 percent. In cases of inflammation, it may be necessary to surgically remove inflammation in addition to antibiotic therapy. However, these kinds of infections are healing rapidly if treated properly.

Asymmetry: In this medical operation, one of the stitches hanging on the tissues may cause asymmetry, if it does not perform its full function. In this case, it may be necessary to re-insert this stitch.

Feeling loss is an expected problem after this operation. The loss of sensation in the upper lip and in the forehead will usually be several weeks later. Months are rarely met with losses to last. Temporary hair loss may also be rare. But hair and feeling will definitely come back.

What do you expect after surgery?

The first change in your face after this surgery will be swelling. Because this is not an open surgery, you will not have any visible stitches, but it will cause some swelling as it is a procedure performed in-depth.
If you only have a forehead or brow operation, after a week everything will be almost completely normal. However, healing lasts longer after mid-face surgery. Return to work is usually possible at the end of the first week.

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