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Male Breast Reduction (Frequently Asked Questions)

Saç Ekimi
Will everyone notice that I had plastic surgery?

Depending on where the aesthetic and cosmetic process takes place in the body and on a large scale, of course, striking changes in the outward appearance will occur. It is noteworthy that the buttock, the eyelid, the face lift, the otoplasty, the breast augmentation (the size of the breast implant or the rate of fat transfer) and the reduction procedure and also the buttocks aesthetics. However, since the complete healing of the tissue in the hair transplantation, abdominal stretching and liposuction procedures is gradual over a certain period of time, there is no doubt that the aesthetic procedure performed will remain a secret between you and your cosmetic-plastic surgeon unless you say it.

How long will my results last?
Will my surgery leave any permanent scars?
Is plastic surgery safe?
When can I resume normal activities?
How much does plastic surgery cost?

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