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Breast Reduction

One of the most satisfactory plastic surgery procedures performed is the breast reduction surgeon. Breast reduction surgery candidates who prefer the Estrella Aesthetic Centre usually complain about breast and breast structures larger than their normal volume. For this purpose, the idea of eliminating physical and emotional disturbances makes their application as having clear net. Breast lift surgery provides relief from back, neck and shoulder pain and offers new options for clothing and physical activity.

Who are the candidates for Breast Reduction Surgery?

If you are considering breast reduction surgery, you are probably experiencing some physical discomfort and want to relieve your back and neck pain. Extremely large breasts can interfere with an active lifestyle, restrict clothing-harness options and attract unwanted curious looks. Large breasts can also cause skin rashes and skin irritation and can create painful indentations or shoulders on shoulder shoulders caused by the weight of the bra straps. Typical breast reduction candidates demand the following:

  • To lighten the weight of large breasts,
  • To create proportional breast visualization for the rest of the body,
  • Removing and reshaping the drooping breast structure,

As breast reduction procedures aim to reduce or eliminate back, neck and shoulder pain, surgical procedures can usually be covered by the Health Insurance Policy.

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