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Breast Reconstruction

Our approach in all team-centred surgical procedures is no different than our approach to breast reconstruction surgery. The Estrella Aesthetic Centre, with its plastic surgeon and specialist staff, offers ground-breaking and progressive methods in advanced microsurgery and breast reconstruction techniques.
Candidates who have or will have mastectomy to treat or prevent breast cancer will help you understand your breast reconstruction options with our expert counsellors at the Estrella Aesthetic Centre. You can make an appointment with our expert adviser for personal, mobile, online, or individual interview requests.

Which candidates apply for Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

The first step in making decisions about breast reconstruction surgery is to fully understand your reconstruction options. Breast reconstruction specialist and experienced consultants provide the necessary information about current surgical options and make the maximum contribution to the understanding of complex information.

What are the options for Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

The Plastic Surgeon carefully offers all surgical options for breast reconstruction, including the most advanced techniques available. The most appropriate options for the needs and needs of the candidate are assessed including personal preference, medical diagnosis and physical characteristics of the candidate etc. and provide combined surgical options.

Breast reconstruction surgery is divided into two (2) categories:

  • Emergency breast reconstruction: General surgeon performs reconstructive surgery immediately after mastectomy (removal of breast tissue due to disease, cancer etc.) is completed.
  • Delayed breast reconstruction: This type of reconstructive surgical procedure is a separate plastic surgery procedure planned for months or years after mastectomy.

Both options are available for the Estrella Aesthetic Centre for all candidates.

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