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Inverted Nipple Repair

Inverted nipple asymmetry means that part or the entire nipple is turned inward or collapsed. It affects 2-3% of women. It usually occurs with adolescence and at the development stage of the breasts. It can affect one or both nipples.

In summary, this procedure is a surgical procedure for the treatment of an inward nipple. In the procedure that can be done with local anesthesia, the ligaments that pull the nipple inward are released and the supporting tissue is placed under the nipple head.

Surgery often does not cause significant damage to the milk ducts, but should be said to be ethically incapable of giving milk to candidates. If the breast depression occurs from the early stages of adolescence, this may be a sign that the milk channels (ducts) have never developed. Even after the most rigorous surgical procedure, there may be a problem of not giving milk because there is no real milk channel and milk is not secreted from the milk channels after pregnancy. Sometimes, after surgery, a decrease in sensation at the tip of the nipple can be seen. The most of the candidates prefer surgical procedure that depends on the rate of collapse in the nipple and the expectation of the candidate. The same day it can be safely returned home and there is no serious pain.

Inverted Nipple Repair

For many women, having inverted nipples can be distressing. Lying flat against the breast or actually pulling in from the breast surface, they can be a source of self-consciousness and breastfeeding problems.

The inverted nipple asymmetry is caused by a short milk channel system extending from the chest wall to the nipple. However, thanks to various techniques in plastic surgery, women with inverted nipples no longer have to live with these conditions; in fact, there are two types of processing options. Regardless of the procedure chosen, with the inverted nipple repair can restore the beautiful and natural, projecting appearance.

If you are considering asymmetric nipple aesthetics, the following explanations will provide you with the necessary information to evaluate the procedure to be applied. For more detailed information on how this procedure can help you, the Estrella Aesthetic Centre’s experienced aesthetic and plastic surgeon and expert counsellors will give you all the support you need.

What are the most common benefits of inverted nipple surgery?

Surgical procedures to correct the inverted nipple can be divided into two types: those that leave the milk ducts intact and those that do not. In either case, the objective is to reshape the nipple and areola so that the nipple projects out from the breast, enhancing the appearance of the breast while preserving sensitivity of the nipple. The technique that leaves the milk ducts intact can also help preserve a woman’s ability to breastfeed.

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