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Arm Lift – Brachioplasty

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In the Estrella Aesthetic Centre, the arm lift surgeon known as “brachioplasty”; more skin and fats are removed from the upper arm and served to make them look more pleasant and younger. As the person gets older, the upper arm can lose skin and reach an uncomfortable appearance as long as the weight-loss frequency is experienced. As a result of the application of the aesthetic surgery, the incisions may extend from the elbow to the shoulder and sometimes to the side of the chest, depending on the size of the sag. In some cases, the plastic surgeon may recommend that the fat intake be done simultaneously, either alone or in conjunction with an arm texture stretch to remove excess fat.

Am I good candidate for upper arm lift?

Arm lift surgery is a simple operation that can be practiced in various candidates. Skin and fat excess is observed in the upper arms of the majority of candidates and they complain that their arms feel like “bat wings”. Women and men who are aging and who want a better arm image and want to get rid of extra skin texture are potential candidates.

Arm Lift Standard Procedure Techniques

In patients without excess skin on the upper arm, fat intake alone can be an effective surgical procedure. For patients with a small amount of extra skin, and this surplus is located close to the armpit, recovery can be achieved with a limited incision around the armpit. The most common complaint after weight loss is the sagging skin texture. Excess tissue is removed through an incision extending from the elbow to the side of the breast along the pit and a plastic surgery that does not leave any scar.


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