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Hair Mesotherapy

Saç Mezoterapisi


Mesotherapy is an alternative treatment in reducing hair loss, promoting hair growth, and slowing male pattern baldness to prevent baldness formation in both men and women. It is a process that regulates proteins, vitamins and other nutritive levels and growth factors in the scalp of the patient suffering from hair loss.
In the hair mesotherapy method, the serum containing the vitamins and minerals that the hair needs is injected directly into the deep middle part of the hair root.
Mesotherapy plays a very important role a damaged hair, preventing hair loss which is caused by some diseases (thyroid, anaemia…). At the same time malnutrition, stress and seasonal changes caused by hair loss is the least stress.


Serum is injected near the pathological site. Thus treatments;

  • Provides regional implementation opportunity.
  • Side effects are minimal.
  • Session interventions last longer when compared to other routine applications.

Different drugs are used in hair mesotherapy. These drugs are approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey and the FDA and selling in pharmacies. Many are herbal ingredients. The most important point is the pharmacological character of drugs and the side effects that may result from interaction with other drugs are known.
Mesotherapy for hair growth involves a technique of injecting a liquid rich in nutrients mainly to the mesodermal layer of the head skin (middle layer of skin tissue). The layer beneath the epidermis forms a connection between the fat layer and deep tissues. This is done with very fine tip sterile injectors injecting the solution into the head skin. The procedure will not require anesthesia and is painless and painless. This treatment usually results in a total of eight (8) session per week, each of which takes 30 (30) minutes.
Positive changes can be seen as a result of 5 sessions after treatment, so that should be patient. The first positive results can be observed within 3 months on average.

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