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Do you want your face to be at least 15 years younger?

You can make an appointment from the Estrella Aesthetic Centre to take advantage of our face-lift counselling service with a spider web technique that will gain a different perspective. Call us for detailed information.

A simple face lift procedure is an aesthetic solution without surgery. At the same time, this process is also referred to as the face hanging process.

What problems does simple face lifting solve?

Sagging removes problems such as low facial expression and excess skin image that are the result.

How can the wrinkles be removed when the face is lifted / hanged?

As the face is pulled upwards with the rope, the stretched skin is pulled in two opposite directions, so that the wrinkles are opened and the problem is solved without any problem, without need for numbing and without blood.

How is the face lifting/hanging process done?

For the simple face lifting process, the candidates are first examined and the complaints and irregularities in the skin texture are determined. Depending on the degree of the problem, it is determined how many threads and lifting/hanging operations are to be performed from which points. Then, the threads are placed under the skin, from the points of the initiative of the specialist physician, at the points which will allow the skin tissue to lift/hang.

The surface of the skin is cleaned before processing. The candidate is then placed on the procedure seat and the cannulas are placed under the skin. When the cannula is placed under the skin, the thread inside the individual cannulas is pushed under the skin and the cannula is slowly pulled under the skin. This process is just like needlework. Essentially, we can summarize the desired result as follows; with the help of the cannulas, the threads placed under the skin open a kind of scar on the tissue. The feeling of tension in the healing process of the interrupted place is created in the subcutaneous tissue through the threads and the desired lifting/hanging process is realized.

Do you feel pain during the procedure?

As the needle and cannula are used in the process, a feeling of pain and pushing can be sensed. For this reason, anaesthetic or sedative creams are applied to the area of application, i.e. face area, which acts as a local anesthesia prior to the procedure. Then, after the excess cream is cleansed over the skin and the greasy feeling is removed, the lifting/hanging function is started.

What is the characteristic of yarns used in simple lifting/hanging process?

Used threads; there are two types as flat threads and stringed threads. These yarns are called PDO threads (sutures) and they do not cause any problems in people who have allergic problems. Key features and benefits of PDO threads are; used in the skin and body area to prevent skin rejuvenation, skin tone improvement, tightness in pores, lines, reduction in wrinkles, recovery in volume, sagging.

How long will the procedure take place?

This is done in 35 minutes. However, the duration of the action of local anaesthetic cream can take up to 1 hour.

Is the lifting/hanging procedure all in one operation?

Yes. All the threads are placed in one session and rejuvenation and lifting are ensured. Section episodes and session sessions do not require an application.

Is it a reversible process?

If you are dissatisfied with the reason for the application, the operation can be reversed and the inserted threads can be removed with a second operation.
Impact and recovery process

Made is a process that has an immediate effect. Lifting and stretching show immediate success. The healing process is simple. After the procedure, a mild redness and swelling occurs. These transient side effects diminish within 7 days and the process becomes natural and exhibits the original aesthetic appearance.

How does it look after the process?

The doctor will calculate the degree of stretching on your face and the predicted image will be reported to the name. In the method of obtaining natural results and providing the most appropriate treatment for the degree of sagging, it is not surprising, totally stretched, non-natural results are not obtained.

What is the price of a face-lift / stretch operation?

In this process, we can list the factors that affect prices as follows. But a clear price can certainly be given after pre-consultation.

  • Sagging problem on the skin
  • The skin structure of the candidate,
  • How many threads applications is enough.
  • For these reasons it is not possible to provide a clear price report before consultation.
  • Face lift with yarn

Today, facial lifting procedure can be performed without the use of surgical incision method by facial lifting/hanging procedure, which is frequently applied and is not a surgical application. Without any side effect, the skin is lifted with special yarns and excess skin texture is stretched by removing wrinkles. This without side-effect and short-term practice will allow you to make miraculous changes in your face outlook in a short time.

It is the application of a lifting procedure for the placement of surgical threads (sutures) completely submerged by the body under the skin texture and for the removal of the sagging tissue by creating scar tissue under the skin. The process stimulates the collagen structure and different connective tissues, revealing the regeneration process and signs of rejuvenation on the skin. At the end of the application, these threads will dissolve within 1 year in the body and the effects last for 2 years after application.

Can be face lift applied with PDOs to whom?

First of all, the candidate must not have any allergic problems. Although these threads are healthy and reliable, some candidates may carry the risk of an allergic reaction under the skin. In addition, as with any procedure, it is not advisable to apply face-lift/hang procedures to persons who are in the process of hormonal exchange and drug therapy. The last criterion must be some sagging and aging on the face of the candidate. In skin tissues without sagging problem, this process does not provide a natural appearance.
Wrapping with the rope can easily be applied to all candidates who do not have any health problems. The age range at which procedure benefits most effectively is in between 35 and 50 years. In addition, there is a very successful facial stretching effect in the candidates who have sagging in the mid-face area and who are sickening in the areas of detention, falling down on the cheeks and falling in the eyebrows. It is important that anyone who has a genuine expectation prefer this practice.

In facelift with specially produced surgical threads (sutures), preliminary consultation is performed for the first time to determine the suitability of the candidates. The local anaesthetic cream is applied to the area to be treated and the matching process is expected and then placed under the tissue via special needle cannulas which will perform the duty of hanging and stretching the point which is deemed appropriate by the doctor. After completing the positioning of these threads in a practical way as required, soothing creams are applied on the skin and the procedure of face lifting with rope is completed. Since it is effective from the time the threads are placed deep underneath, a young appearance can be obtained immediately (even with the hanging skin texture rate and age), even in the face lifting/hanging procedure applied in a single session. It is worth mentioning that it is necessary to endure some swelling and redness which should be endured for better results but to be observed for a short time.

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