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Salmon DNA Therapy

Somon DNA

Salmon DNA Therapy

Salmon DNA is obtained from salmon milk; this milk has the same chemical structure as human DNA. With the advantage of this analogy, when applied in serum form it defeats and constructs proteins in the sea. The salmon DNA is quite effective in regenerating the missing skin in the skin thanks to its ability to retain its moisture at a rate of one thousand times its own volume. The salmon DNA vaccine helps regenerate the lost nutrients of skin tissue and acts as a defence mechanism against aging effects. Serum obtained from salmon milk is applied by hypodermic injection method. The salmon DNA vaccine reverses the effects of aging and replaces the skin with natural supplements.

Today, to stop the aging of the skin texture or to look younger, Somon DNA Therapy etc. preventive-therapeutic procedures are used. Salmon DNA allows the skin to regenerate collagen structure, aging skin texture, increase elastin production, regulate blood flow and produce growth factors against this effect. However, this mechanism slows down over time. The aim of salmon DNA is to counteract the aging process and speed up the renewal mechanisms.

Salmon DNA application is a kind of meso-lift application. It also creates a rapid rejuvenation effect. Moisture allows agents to shine the skin. Human DNA is very close to the salmon DNA and is found in the blood stream in the dermis, increasing growth factors and metabolic activity.

Salmon DNA Therapy is the most recent application not only for female candidates but also for male candidates. Salmon DNA continues its activity for two (2) years and its effect can be extended by one session at the end of the year. With this process, also known as skin tissue rejuvenation and revitalization resuscitation therapy in Turkey and the candidates wins more youthful and energetic appearance.

Which zone of salmon DNA is applied?

  • Rejuvenation of areas such as face, forehead, lip and eye area, neck and decollete area, elimination of wrinkles in hands, treatment and rejuvenation of hand tissue,
  • Removal of eye bags,
  • Elimination of stains caused by aging and sun rays
  • In the treatment of fissures that occur during pregnancy and as a result of weight gain,
  • In the treatment of hormonal hair loss,
  • In the treatment of acne scars,
  • It is used in sagging and crack treatment seen in inner arm and knee

What are the advantages of processing salmon DNA?

  • Against the harmful effects of UVB rays, the skin looks brighter and vivid.
  • Increased depth of hydration of skin tissue and permanent moisture.
  • Enhances and strengthens skin texture.

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