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Permanent Make Up

Kalıcı Makyaj

Permanent Make Up

Permanent makeup is performed to eyebrow, eyelash and lip onto the epidermal layer very precisely with permanent make-up device and make-up dyes by the help of micro needles.

Permanent pen and eye shadow applications are temporary, permanent make-up implementation which are permanent eyeliner and permanent dip liner are the longest process period. Permanent eyebrows and lip implementations are shorter than permanent eyeliner. In general, the continuity of 5 to 7 years keeps following to affect the continuity of the satisfaction of the person in fact. Permanent make-up eyebrow, permanent make-up eyeliner, permanent make-up lip usage times are very depending on UV rays, duration of solarium, age, pigment tone used, application pattern and skin type. Permanent makeup is trust work. In permanent make-up application, especially hygiene should be paid attention. Care must be taken to ensure that the permanent makeup needles and dyes used are personalized.

Permanent make-up procedure: First, your eyebrows are shaped with tweezers (we do not recommend that your eyebrows are completely taken or should not be taken, because always the most natural one is the closest one) and pre-drawn with eyebrow pens. The item to be pre-drawn is important at this point, because the used item must be compatible with the skin as the performed item will populate with the needle. Otherwise, permanent make-up dyeing\paint will damage the skin (pigment) no matter how good it is. Once we have reached consensus on the preliminary drawing made and the permanent makeup will be used, the process will start after seeing and confirming the colour.

If you are not satisfied with your permanent makeup eyebrow, eyeliner, lip or tattoo application, you can easily get rid of it without any marks or damage on your skin. It is now possible to get rid of the permanent make-up applications that will start to fade after a certain period of time, beforehand with the support of special devices.

Wax Application

The use of wax is one of the most effective methods in epilation.

Advantages of wax;

  • Provides a very clean and pleasant looking epilation,
  • Because it does not contain sugar as in the classic wax, its hair roots do not feed and weaken,
  • In the long run, the hair is weakened and the hair is reduced,
  • Provides a natural peeling by cleansing the dead cells in the deep layer during application,
  • Contains completely natural active substance (pine resin),
  • Decrease the occurrence of sunken and hair turning,
  • It can be applied to every region except the nipple, lashes and beards in men.

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