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Facial Fillers and Fat Injection

Dolgu Maddeleri

Facial Fillers and Fat Injection

As we pursue years and getting older, our collagen and elastic fibres, which are deep under the skin, begin to wrinkle and loosen. These wrinkles appear a part of our natural aging process, and they contribute to making more eyebrows, smoking cigarettes, pipes, cigars, hookahs, smiles and other facial expressions as well as frowning (angry expressions).

In the treatment of wrinkles, the most commonly used materials in the world are the ready-to-fill materials (hyaluronic acid derivatives) and the self-contained fat tissue. Both methods are FDA and Health Ministry of Turkish Republic approved practices in our country and all over the world.

In the wrinkles, such as the line extending from the nose to the edge of the lip (nasolabial fold), the transfer of the oil under the tissue of the person himself is preferred. This is quite effective and the only way to have persistence for a certain period of time. Fat taking and transferring is performed under local anesthesia. Because the fat cell is a living tissue, it would be useless to store it and try to use it again after a few months. Given the difficulty of keeping the fat cells in proper conditions, it should not be overlooked that intent to reuse will increase the risk of infection.

Ready fillings usually contain collagen or hyaluronic acid, and these substances are filled under the wrinkles, giving the person a smoother skin texture, a younger expression. When the wrinkle is due to muscle overuse, it is combined with BT and injected into the desired area. By raising the parts of the face, you can get a fuller look the lips and around the lips. However, ready-made fillers are not suitable for removing very deep wrinkles. They are quite effective in thin lines. Fillers are mostly mixed with BT. In fact, both are used to remove the wrinkles in the face. But the ways of effect are very different and one cannot hold the other.

In the case of guidance on magic mixtures, the ingredients in the mixture must be questioned. For example, the use of liquid silicone is prohibited all over the world and has harmful side effects. Care should be taken to ensure that the person performing the transaction is an expert and that the transaction site is also a quality application centre, in order to avoid the advertisement, which is called under the stairs, with the motto of miracle touches.

Perspiration Treatment (Hyperhidrosis)

Increased physical activity, excessive heat, stress or shock conditions are the cause of sweating. Some diseases (such as high fever, high thyroid, diabetes, obesity etc.) increase the level of sweating menopause, andropause, vitamin deficiencies, excessive spicy food consumption, medicines, alcohol and hallucinogenic products. However, the cases seen outside these conditions are called “hyperhidrosis” or “hyperhidrosis”. You can slow the progression of sweating by paying attention to the food you receive, but none of them are the solution to this problem.

Excessive sweating affects 3% of the population intensively. Excessive sweating, especially in the face, armpits, hands and feet, adversely affects the personal and social life of people and causes various problems. In an American study, 40 per cent of people with hyperhidrosis were found to have a negative impact on their work lives, their exposure to other people, and their emotional relationships. Mild hyperhidrosis may be partially beneficial with aluminium chloride solutions. Other options for excessive sweating include iontophoresis, surgical intervention, and BT type A injection. BT injection is the most popular preventive treatment method in recent years, which is effective and increases quality of life. It is a preventive method especially against excessive sweating of armpits and hands.

With this method, sweating complaints can be avoided for a period of about 6 to 8 months. BT injection does not affect the sense of sensation in the area where the perspiratory glands are intensely blocked. The application takes about 10 minutes. Significant reduction in perspiration is observed within the first week after application.

Mesotherapy and Lipolysis

The mesoderm layer is the name given to the subcutaneous and fatty tissue layer. Mesotherapy is a method of transferring small needles to the mesoderm layer by injecting various drugs such as vitamins, minerals and the like. It is a regional practice and an aesthetic application to reduce some problems in the area where subcutaneous drugs are applied.

Lipolysis is a treatment that aims to reduce fat accumulation in the body and face area. In the treatment of lipolysis, the phosphatidylcholine material obtained from soya lecithin is used. The most important feature of lipolysis is that it allows you to get rid of fat without surgery. In fact, phosphatidylcholine is synthesized in the human body and is involved in fat metabolism. The aesthetic results expected in lipolysis are between 1 and 3 sessions on average.

It should not be forgotten that Lipolysis and Mesotherapy treatments are not a method of providing weight loss alone. Lipolysis is not an attenuation method but rather an application for zones with thick fat tissue, which is regime, even spore resistant.

Skin Rejuvenation: Hyaluronic acid, which is also used as filler, is a combination of several multivitamins and a very small needling under the skin. Hyaluronic acid, which is used as a filling material, can be briefly summarized as a very small injection of needles under skin texture combined with various multi-vitamins. The hyaluronic acid water-retaining feature provides filling on the face while the multi-vitamin complex heals and improves complexion.

Mesotherapy: Pregnant, lactating mothers, diabetics, heart patients, cancer patients and those who are allergic to prescribed medications are not eligible.

Main treatment with mesotherapy method complaints:

  1. Cellulite Treatment
  2. Regional thinning
  3. Young aesthetic skin care
  4. Treatment of rheumatic diseases pain
  5. Migraine treatment
  6. Hair loss

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