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Derma-Stamp (Youth Calligraphy)

Gençlik Kalemi


It is a procedure to perform the processes that help the complex regeneration and revitalization of the skin with a single device. The 6 needles on the Derma stamp device allow skin to be applied under the skin with anti-aging products. The average length of the needles is between 0,5 mm and 2,5 mm. Dimensions may vary depending on the person to whom the application is being made. With these needles, 50 to 150 shots can be made under the skin in the second. This number can be reduced or increased in line with the need of the person.

What is the difference between Derma stamp and other skin rejuvenation techniques?

Unlike all alternative techniques, Derma-stamp stimulates new tissue formation, supports its structure and protects the skin texture without deforming. Unlike other devices, the skin is not damaged and therefore no wound formation is observed. The derma-stamp procedure significantly improves atrophic wounds and improves skin texture.

Where are Derma-stamp used?

  • To eliminate or reduce traces after burns,
  • To reduce fissure areas in the skin,
  • Reducing wrinkles,
  • Sun, cold etc. in reducing the stains caused by the causes,
  • Reducing acne scars on the skin,
  • To reduce large pore problems,
  • In reducing celluloid,

How long does the efficiency of Derma-stamp maintain last?

Channels that are too small to be seen with the needle opening during the session recover from 10 to 40 minutes. Depending on the type of skin and application, a procedure is repeated every 1 to 2 weeks if a 0.5 mm needle is used. If a larger needle is used, the interval between sessions is 4 weeks.

  • If the intended skin care of the application is 3 sessions.
  • If the process is made for stained areas, 6 sessions are applied.
  • If burns, scars, and acne are done with the aim of treatment, +8 sessions are applied.

Is hurt or pain felt during the procedure?

There is not any hurt or pain during application. Therefore, there is no need to use local or general anesthesia. After 45 minutes of application, the redness of the upper skin tissue disappears. It is advised not to make-up on the day of the process and not to perform liquid contact with the face. After the procedure, skin protection should be provided by using sun cream, which has a high protection factor.

The results

After the procedure is applied, there will be a significant improvement in skin texture and tone. However, it may take up to three (3) months for the final results to appear, but the observed results over time will be natural and long term.

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