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Regional Thinning with Lipo Lazer

Lazer Lipoliz

How does the procedure work?

Following the passage of the adult age, fat cells are massively fixed in our bodies. However, they are not able to fatten or weaken according to the fatty tissue they store in the cell. With Lipo Laser treatment, excess fat tissues accumulated in cells are eliminated by high frequency and harmless laser beams, resulting in regional weakening and permanent thinning.

How long is the application process?

The duration of the Lipo Laser procedure varies depending on how many regions of the body are treated by the local thinning. Lipo Laser is a practice that usually takes between 1 and 2 hours.

Is preparation before the process?

There is no special preparation before the process. However, answers about general health status such as whether the candidate is allergic or chronic disease such as sugar, heart, blood pressure are taken and precautions are provided.

Which zone will be performed?

Lipo Laser is the body of our process; cheeks, arms, neck, chin, cheek, cheek, legs, hip, calf, thigh area, breasts. Lipo laser process is not strictly an obesity countermeasure. It is only used to overcome regional flaws and aesthetic appearance defects.

How long is the process time?

If you have applied to Lipo Laser operation, you will see the benefits of this procedure within a few weeks. You will witness the regional thinning and weakening as the disappeared fat tissues begin to be removed from the body. You will be witnessing the actual and lasting weight loss process 4 to 6 months after the end of the Lipo Laser procedure.

The healing process is much shorter than the conventional liposuction application. Candidate does not separate from work or social life according to the procedure. In large applications where the number of domains is high, it may be necessary to take a break for 2-3 days in the professional life.

Is resting necessary after practice?

Lipo Laser is needed for as little time as possible for restoration. Although you can easily return to your daily work after leaving the aesthetic centre after the Lipo Laser operation, it is recommended that you stay away from sports activities that require extreme effort.

Is the lipo laser procedure painful?

Lipo Laser procedure is performed by local anesthesia and is painless. Some people develop some mild reactions, such as tingling and tickling, to high frequency laser waves.

Who are the most suitable candidates for lipo laser processing?

After the evaluation by the specialist, it will be determined who is the right candidates for the Lipo Laser procedure. Lipo Laser treatment is not applied to candidates who have not been successful in medical therapy and alternative applications for weakening.

What is the difference between laser lipolysis and liposuction?

In the classical liposuction process, fluid is given to the region to be treated, while changing according to the technique, and then the fat is withdrawn with a high negative pressure. Liposuction is usually done in the hospital and under anesthesia. It is not uncommon for bruising to last for 10 to 15 days. After that, it is necessary to use corset for 1 month. Even with mild liposuction, a recovery process of at least 2-3 days is required. Laser Lipolysis is an effective method. It is not necessary to wear corsets for a long time after procedure; it is enough to wear a corset only for 5-7 days. When it is necessary to repeat, it is not a more traumatic procedure than the first. In addition, it can be easily applied to all body regions including regions such as arms, jaws, neck, upper abdominal region, back, ankle joints where body shaping is difficult with classical liposuction methods.

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