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Tightening with Micro Plus

The Micro Plus application is based on stimulation of the muscles by applying electric currents of different wavelengths and it helps the body to recover itself by creating isometric contractions in the muscles. This device specially developed for slimming and body rejuvenation also has a sport effect. The main purpose of doing sports is to use muscles and move muscles. Micro Plus provides electro stimulation with isometric contractions, allowing the muscles to move without doing sports. It can be used both to prevent the athrope of the athletic muscles and to help protect the body’s own structure and form, as they have a long period of convalescence after chronic illnesses, or as support for healing programs. Micro Plus, which is preferred by athletes in particular, is also an effective alternative for those who do not have the time to do sports. Micro Plus provides contraction and creates a sporty effect. As a matter of fact, the body is tightened by the sport and recovery is achieved in the sagging areas.

If the Benefits of Micro Plus Application Will Be Sorted;

  • Accomplishes the absorption and ejection of accumulated fluids.
  • Disruption of circulation helps to reduce symptoms.
  • It makes it easier to relieve muscle spasms.
  • Helps relieve chronic muscle and joint aches.
  • It relieves back pain and neuralgia like neuralgia.
  • Reduces cellulite (in all formed regions).
  • Helps the cell regenerate.
  • It allows the cells to feed.
  • It stimulates metabolism.
  • Reduce stress and fatigue.
  • Cures old and dry skin.
  • Reduces wrinkles and mimic lines.
  • It helps to relieve acne and acne.
  • It increases the contour of the muscles.
  • It helps strengthen muscles after surgery and long-term illness.
  • It helps keep your body in old age.
  • Helps reduce body fat ratio.
  • It provides elimination of fat deposits.
  • Helps eliminate looseness.
  • It allows the body to be shaped.
  • Accelerates cell renewal.
  • It helps to reduce detention bags.

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