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Hand & Foot Care (Manicure Pedicure)

El Ayak Bakımı

Care of our hands and feet that have worn in many ways in our daily life is of great importance both in terms of health and aesthetics. General medical hand and foot care is a special treatment for both health and aesthetics.

As the Estrella Aesthetic Centre; our goal is to present solutions to you with preventive and protective aids, not the surgical interventions that are commonly used in the problems we encounter hand and feet in our lifelong.

Ingrown Nail

The sinking nail is a problem that is encountered in a very wide area of society. The submergence that occurs in the toe nail occurs for many reasons. There are many reasons of sinking nail such as genetic predisposition at the beginning of these, wrong nail cut, innate looking nail structure, wrong shoe choose and trauma etc. It is possible to fix the problem of nail sticking by adjusting the length of the nail in the bed of the nail by means of the bottom support with the wire tack as necessary after the condition of the nail is evaluated. Applications are completely painless at the Estrella Aesthetic Centre and do not impose any restrictions on their lifestyle.


Cracked Heel Care

The crack in the heel is one of the most common foot problems. Callus layers that are swollen dry and deficient in fat may cause damage to these layers, dry air, genetic predisposition, decreased activity of sweat glands, and excessive weight cracks. The cracks in the heel form the entrance to microorganisms and can cause a bacterial infection with redness, swelling and pain in the stool. This problem can easily be treated in healthy people. In our centre, for treatment of heel cracks, the thick skin around the crack is softened with appropriate solutions and then cleaned with specially developed devices for this process. With regular maintenance, the problem goes away.


Fungal Nail

A fungal nail is a discomfort that occurs when the appearance of thick, hard and distorted nails is disturbed, and in some cases it is caused by the contamination of the skin with the fungus of the skin, which causes the odour. Nail fungus is a health problem, as well as a cosmetic problem in the appearance of nails. Causes of occurrence; wearing the same shoes, using the wrong shoes, scratching on the nail, pressure and trauma, manicure pedicure made in non-hygienic environments and excessive sweating. In the treatment, the nail formed in our centre is cleaned. After the edible tissue is cleansed, it is refreshed with a special gel over healthy nails. This way, the fungus which has advanced to the root of the nail can be completely destroyed, depending on the elongation period of the healthy nail.

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