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Health Tourism


Those of you who prefer not to be behind the clouds of the sun during your holiday but to be on top of the places you visit; you will not regret that you prefer İzmir.

Are you ready to explore the unique history and accumulation of 8,500 years?
As it is in the western part of the east and west of the western part of the country, İzmir has been one of the cities that people have preferred to live in the past and has hosted countless civilizations since its foundation.

İzmir is a city where you will be able to reach from abroad and you will not have any difficulty in traveling around and around the centre.
It is possible to reach 1.5 billion populations in İzmir with a maximum of 3 hours plane journey.
Izmir, thanks to the advantages of the geographical position of transportation by sea, air, road and rail easily with both internal and external lines is made to Turkey’s western deployed a great metropolis.

Direct flight is made to 90 points of 35 countries from Izmir and Izmir is easily accessible from thousands of points of the world with innumerable voyages arranged every day to Istanbul which is one hour flight distance.

Regardless of the season, you do not have to wait for the summer months when the sun shows your face, if you want to go out for a holiday. In Izmir, the sun shines 300 days a year on the streets of the fertile plains, the blue waters, the mountains where the various animals graze on the slopes, the happy people walk…
İzmir is the first address for a fun, enjoyable and happy holiday with its unique coves, blue flag beaches and all kinds of sea sports facilities.
Izmir from the major resort areas of Turkey Bodrum, Marmaris, Pamukkale, Kusadasi, Ayvalık road is accessed with a few hours easily and can spend wonderful moments, with numerous gift items available in your suitcase for your country and city and return with memories you’ll mind your loved ones and share.
With direct flights from Izmir where you can see one of Turkey’s intense interests in Cappadocia, Antalya, Mardin, Gaziantep, and Trabzon to places like it can be easily accessed.

Along with all these, there are ferry services to some Greek islands and Athens, which are also accessible to Izmir.
İzmir is a holiday that you can easily reach with its geographical location and transportation possibilities and it is a haven for thermal and medical health tourism facilities.

Tolerance City: Izmir

They have different beliefs in their lands; Izmir is a metropolis with love, tolerance and peace.
İzmir is a city that has existed with its multi-layered and multicultural structure since its foundation. For centuries, people living in the city have lived together with different cultures, different religions and languages and have created an atmosphere of tolerance and compromise. For centuries in the cities and districts of Izmir, people can fulfil the requirements of their religious beliefs freely and with mutual respect.

Thousands of local and foreign visitors come to İzmir every year to visit these places, to visit and worship them; peace, coexistence and abundance of prayer continue to echo in the walls of places.

In Izmir, which has been home to different beliefs for thousands of years, thousands of religious and historical monuments are waiting for visitors to visit their churches, synagogues mosques.

The Virgin Mary House, which is very important for Christians and declared the place of “HAC”, is the first church in the name of Virgin Mary, “Double Churches” and the Apostle of Jesus. St. John’s grave John (author of the biblical essay; Yuhanna), three from seven kings built in Anatolia to spread Christianity with the Seven Sleepers Cave; The presence of Smyrna (Izmir), Ephesus (Selçuk) and Pergamon (Bergama) in this city has transformed the city into an important centre of attraction in terms of religious tourism. On the other hand, there are many synagogues in İzmir city centre which date back to the 16th century.
The seas surrounding it with fertile soils provide plenty of fresh vegetables and seafood to Izmir. In recent years, İzmir and Aegean cuisine have become much more popular in the direction of increasing demand for healthy food.

The most important element of the Aegean cuisine is olive oil, which has been used since 4,000 years. One of the oldest olive oil production facilities known in the world is in Izmir (Klazomenai, Urla). There are many olive horticulture and production facilities in İzmir.
İzmir: The city of those who dream of a healthy life!

Izmir, clean air, delightful places by the seaside, modern health facilities, hospitals, specialist doctors in every area, accommodation facilities suitable for every budget, clinic guest houses, approximately three hours flight distance to many European countries, ambulance service, air ambulance services, foreign language speaking doctors and health personnel, medical field, accredited institutions operating according to international standards continues to be the rising star of Turkey in health tourism.

Studies in health care in Izmir extend back to ancient times. Asklepion, famous for its medicinal waters, is known to have been built in the 4th century BC and is in the borders of Bergama and Izmir, where the pharmacist and physician Galenos, who is considered to be the father of medical history, Located in the world’s first sanitary facilities dedicated to Asklepios, the God of Health, this unprecedented historical site is a precedent for today’s modern spas.
İzmir, where a great number of patients came to be treated in the ancient times, is serving with many health institutions in the field of diagnosis and treatment in different fields, from domestic and foreign countries.
In addition, there are opportunities for those who come to the city to be treated in a waiting period or after a happy period in Izmir. It is a convenient distance to visit the coastal towns where people can visit different places according to their interests, historical bazaars, modern shopping centres, natural beauties and plant diversity.
Izmir, medical facilities owned tourism (medical tourism), thermal tourism, medical SPA, geriatric (elderly) and comes in mind first in Turkey, health tourism area with a disability tourism is one of the most outstanding preferred cities in Europe.
With its transportation facilities, tourism facilities and bicycle routes for healthy life, Izmir continues to be a centre of attraction for domestic and foreign guests coming to the city for health tourism, for disabled and elderly people.
The Aegean cuisine, blended with medicinal herbs, olive oil and seafood, enriched with the flavours of different cultures living in the city for centuries, is one of the inevitable parts of healthy life in Izmir.

Healthy, peaceful, happy and enjoyable days are waiting for you in beautiful Izmir!

Why İzmir?
İzmir has turned into a metropolis that serves in a highly developed level in terms of locomotive health institutions and medical centres of health tourism. There are many options in İzmir in terms of the stakeholders of this sector, travel agencies, intermediary and consultancy firms, transportation sector, insurance and finance sector.

More than 250 public, private, university, municipal hospitals, special medicine and branch centres, policlinic and oral and dental health centres are located in İzmir, which have very serious investments in the field of health. Read more about Uqora uti essential oils.

The majority of hospitals and centres providing diagnosis and treatment services have bilateral agreements and associations with organizations providing health tourism services. In this context, agencies can offer city tour and touristic activity opportunities in the presence of special departments and guides, airport departure and return air tickets, airport transfers with private vehicles, and accommodation in quality hotels, inspection, preliminary consultation, surgical procedures and post-surgical procedures.
Hospitals in the city mainly serve patients from Germany, Libya, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, England, Switzerland, France, Iraq, Russia, Cyprus, Greece, Austria and Holland.
Foreign patients who come to the city for treatment can also benefit from religious tourism options in Izmir. For example, a patient whose treatment is over can later become a pilgrim in the Virgin Mary’s House in Selcuk.

Health Tourism
Health tourism in the world and our country has been a rapidly rising trend in recent years and has become a very important alternative tourism type. Health tourism is defined as a treatment for one country to another for any reason (length of waiting period, economic efficiency of treatment or better quality health care, etc.). While all kinds of tourism that offer healthy life need to accept health tourism, health tourism is evaluated in 3 main titles.
1. Medical tourism (treatment and operations in hospitals or clinics, etc.)
2. Thermal Tourism (rehabilitation and rest etc. services in Thermal Facilities)
3. Geriatric and Disabled Tourist (Long-term accommodation with social activities in the geriatric treatment centre or on the pedestrian zone)
The main reasons for health tourism are:
1. The lack of high-tech health services and professional human resources in their own country,
2. Desire to have a holiday with treatment,
3. The fact that the health services are expensive in their own countries,
4. Desire to get better quality health care services,
5. Not knowing or being asked about the surgery due to any reason in his / her country (Aesthetic Surgery, Infertility (in vitro fertilization) treatment etc.)
6. Request for a holiday in a country where there is a limited opportunity for climate and geographical vacation in the country, tourism mobility (going to countries with forests, plots, historical and cultural riches), mostly thermal facilities and thermal tourism opportunities.

Tourist Health
Health Tourism often comes in the form of tourist health. From abroad to our country healthy temporarily for rest and recreation or Turkey’s many richness (culture and history, mountains, caves, etc.) Of people who come for the recognition they got sick during this time and treatment, to be healthy places where tourists and health officials providing services to tourists, tourists it is covered by health.
Turkey, 70% cheaper than in other European countries
Human-being can opt for the option of going too far away from the place where they lived to get back to the basic right and the soul and body health needed. This healing search is the basis of health tourism.
Preferences in this quest are health facilities where spa or thermal treatment centres, sometimes aesthetic surgery operations, organ transplantation, dental treatment, physical therapy and rehabilitation services are provided.
Health tourism is a type of tourism that allows the growth of health institutions using international patient potential. Countries that offer a suitable price with quality service in health tourism, which has developed seriously since the 90’s, are preferred. People who cannot find the health services that they seek in their own countries at favourable prices prefer different countries with the increase of travel possibilities. With the potential that it has, İzmir is ready with all its institutions to be a solution to these searches.

Both Health and Vacation
According to Izmir Health Tourism Industry Analysis Report; there are a total of 191 public and private health institutions in Izmir that provide services to 178 SSI patients. The total bed capacity of the city is approximately 12 thousand, the intensive care bed capacity is 300 thousand and the total number of operating room is 160. Considering the total number of 4 university hospitals, three of them official and one private, and the academic staff working there, the size of the health service that Izmir can offer can be understood better. In report as İzmir is in every area, it is pointed out that Aegean Region is the flagship of the Aegean Region in health field. It is stated that people coming to the city can make a pleasant holiday on the other hand to benefit from quality and cheap treatment facilities.

Dental Services in Health Tourism

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Porcelain Laminate
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