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Beard And Moustache Transplantation

In recent years, beards and moustaches have been encountered in significant quantities. FUE is an application that can be used in hair plantation, beard and moustache planting. In the same way, beard and hair are also provided with this method as well as hair growth and prolongation like hair. In recent years, men with a tendency to lengthen the beard are frequently encountered around the world. The percentage of men who complain about the existing beard and moustache constructions is increasing day by day.

The face hairs will gradually fade and begin to spill. The most common beard spill events occur in the first half of the 40’s. Hair plantation process can be summarized as the transfer of intact hair follicles in the beard and moustache region to the areas beginning by rarefy with FUE technique. There are many reasons for the loss of hair in the face. How much hair follicle (graft) is needed can be determined after calculation of healthy hair roots in the beard and moustache area. Roughly, 300 to 450 hair grafts for moustache and 650 to 800 for full-goatee, 250 to 300 for side whisker, and 400 to 750 grafts for cheeks are required. However, a second session may be required to obtain the required grafts, while varying in the individual.

Hair loss in the beard area can be removed with healthy grafts from other areas of the face. The planted hairs are growth health that has been done by FUE technique. Depending on the experience of the surgeon, the chances of success are high. With the results obtained from the hair plantation, a completely natural appearance is obtained.

Beard and moustache spill may be present in many disorders, such as arthritis, rheumatoid, alopecia, some other hair-infection and hormonal changes, which are harmful to hair follicles.

Moustache Planting

In the case of men not having hair on the upper lip or hair loss, the definitive treatment is moustache planting. Hair roots to be added in place of moustache are taken from the incarnation as in the treatment of baldness. To do this, FUE method is used from the top of the nape to obtain individual hair roots with 0.6mm punches. Later, individual hair roots are planted in the field, which is lacking moustaches.

The added hair follicles maintain their pre-existing properties in the moustache and hair follicles continue to prolong. Therefore, the shortening of the prolonged hair bristles to appropriate intervals can be done during the moustache shaving. Hair roots cannot feed if they are planted very close to each other. For this reason, the sowing frequency should be enough to feed them. Once hair follicles have been planted, they can be fed again if hair starts to grow (4-6 months later) and there is a rare moustache.

Problems such as scarring, surgical trace, burning marks, spillage can be hidden near the top with moustache planting, serious identity change can be provided by moustache planting in case of not having any moustache at the beardless.

With FUE, hair roots are picked as much as desired from the desired place, and the desired moustache area is planted at the desired frequency and in the natural angle that should be in that area.

Who should be moustache / beard can be planted?

For all male candidates who do not have any medication or are not in a serious illness process, the moustache / beard seeding process can be performed easily.

Who can be done with eyebrow plant?

  • If you experience any problems when exposed to anesthesia,
  • Non-pregnant and non-breastfeeding,
  • It can be done to all men and women who do not have any medication.

Does transplanted hair extend?

The added hair follicles are extended in their normal course like other hair because they are living hair roots.

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