Gürel Tower Residence No:54 Kat:6 Alsancak - İzmir / TÜRKİYE



Our company, which started its activities as İzmir-based company under the leadership of our manager Yıldız UYSAL in 2004, has been serving the male and female guests with its expert staff for 14 years. Our company, which serves with the Estrella Aesthetic brand, serves to tens of thousands of customers with a healthy and spacious salon concept.

The Estrella Aesthetic has a prestigious and respected position among İzmir beauty centers. As the Estrella Aesthetic, using the healthiest and most effective techniques, enable our customers to get the best results, and our customers play an active role in choosing us.

Our clients are able to use laser hair removal, regional weight loss, epilation, cavitation, regional thinning with lipo laser, regional body shaping with lipo laser, wrinkle removal, permanent makeup, permanent eyebrow, cellulite removal, attenuation with radiofrequency, microplus, stem cell treatment with dermotherapy, stem cell treatment with herbal stem cell, wrinkle therapy, scar -acne care, eyelash planting, eyelash perm, wax, measured eyebrow plucking, weight loss with cold lipolysis, consulting center on radiofrequency stem cell treatment, consultancy on aesthetic and plastic surgery, manicure, pedicure and many other services with last technological devices and expert aestheticians. The Estrella aesthetically at our center we offer consulting services on wrinkle therapy process and aesthetic and plastic surgery processes.

The Estrella Aesthetic team, who welcomes new customers every day with the slogan “Add power your beauty”, has a brand energy that makes a difference in between İzmir beauty and aesthetic centers and makes investments with innovations in the sector. The power that has given us this energy for 14 years is actually the satisfaction of our customers who prefer us after our services. As the Estrella Aesthetic, who continuously makes new researches in order to bring innovations to the beauty and aesthetic centers sector we are in, works continuously to meet our customers who prefer us as a family and to learn the most effective applications and the most effective techniques and we do our investments to grow our business even more.

The Estrella Aesthetic team is educated, smiley faced, providing customers with specialist services such as laser hair removal, regional weight loss, cavitation, imported wax, face lifting microplus and weight loss, and applications that add strength to customers with its corporate structure knowing what customers desire and determining their needs that offers.

As of 2015, institutionalization and branching decisions of our company, both in its structure by deciding on a franchise system with branching Turkey has started to provide general franchises. As a mister of our company, who knows the sector with all its dynamics and has 14 years of experience, specialized partners, personnel and management staff of our company, you can join our family under the roof of Estrella in your area and add strength to your customers with the opportunity of establishing your own business, you can find a way to do it.